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  1. July 27, 2020

    […] When I visited the shrine during the day, I came in through the women’s entrance. No photography is permitted inside and I was asked to leave my camera, as well as wear a chador which is provided for female visitors. I then passed through a turnstile that opened to the gigantic shrine complex. The first thing I saw was the golden dome of the Imam Reza Mosque. At nearly 600,000 square meters, it’s the largest mosque in the world by dimension. I took in the view of the huge courtyard filled with pilgrims, young and old,men and women, healthy and disabled, all there is a spirit of high religious fervor. The architecture of the whole complex, the beautifully painted tiles, and calligraphy of the mosque’s facade, was astounding.Suddenly a female attendant approached me. “Your hijab is important for you,” she said, pointing to an errant lock of hair that had slipped out of my chador and down my forehead. The whole shrine complex includes nine courtyards, four sanctuaries, 26 porches, a university, museum, library, and a hospital, and is open 24 hours a day, with both male and female attendants working to care for the complex and visitors. Read More… […]

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