Kashan: A Gem of Traditional Persian Architecture

TJG-July 1-Kashan

The Jakarta Globe July 1 2015

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  1. July 27, 2020

    […] Before designing and building the Boroujerdiha house, architect Ali Maryam Kashani had earlier built thehouse for the Tabatabaei family. I visited the Tabatabaei House, located a walking distance away from the Borujerdiha House. Just like in the Borujerdiha House, the entrance is just two simple doors. For privacy and security, each door has a knocker that each belongs to men and women. The knocker for women hasa lower sound, while the knocker for men has a higher sound. By recognizing the sound, the host would know whether the visitor was a man or a woman. As I arrived in the major courtyard, I was instantly stunned by what I saw. The beautiful arched porches and the carvings and reliefs on the wall facing the courtyard were dazzling. The courtyard has two rectangular ponds. I went to the southern part of the house, which is taller than the northern part. It has a semicircular fa├žade with stucco carvings on the wall with decorated columns. The door is designed by a geometrical wooden frame and stained glass.Inside is a reception hall with a royal parlor. The Yazdibandi decoration, paintings, and stucco work in the two courtyards on both sides of the hall are dramatic. The northern part of the house is more private with stairs to the basement in the upfront. I could get lost while exploring the house since there are many intersections and connecting rooms. Seeing most parts of the house, I could tell that the Tabatabaei family was very wealthy.Before leaving, I stayed for a while in the major courtyard. My eyes browsed the whole house again. Now I believe a saying that Persian craftsmen could make gold out of dust. Read more… […]

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