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Who Am I

I am simply an observer and a seeker.  In my quest of healing my curiosity, I travel then I write what I have observed and experienced. There has been nothing more rewarding than when my questions are answered, my curiosity is revealed and my doubt is enlightened.

When traveling I don’t like to be just a tourist since I don’t merely want to take photos of the places and share them in social media for other people to see.  In the beginning, maybe yes, but later on, I want to explore more than what the tour guides tell me, and most of all, I’d like to connect with the people and places that I am visiting.

Most writers are travelers, be they Ibnu Battuta, Saadi of Persia, Hans Christian Andersen or Charles Dickens.   I am a peanut in comparison with them. However, for my personal development, I must say traveling has opened up my horizon. My encounter and interaction with different people in different places during my trips have enlightened me and enriched the way I have perceived other people and culture as well as the world as a whole. This way, I realize that we are  one big family or Vasudhaiva Kuṭumbakam ( Sanskrit: वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्)