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Halimun Salak National Park Part-5 Ends

The Last Day in Citalahab We were glad  to finish the Citalahab forest walk. Feri’s estimation was right, we completed the trail in about one hour.  With Feri as the guide, our experience of...


Halimun Salak National Park-Part 4

Exploring Forest at Citalahab I went to my room as soon as I arrived at the homestay. Fully  fatigued, I fell asleep on the mattress right away. There was no sound of any machines...


Halimun Salak National Park-Part 3

Why You Need to be Fit to Visit Citalahab I was glad that we ultimately arrived at our final destination, Kampong Citalahab of Malasari Village at Halimun Salak National Park. From its entrance gate,...


Halimun-Salak National Park- Part 2

The sunlight was over my head, when we were taking off  Rumah Gedong. Our car exited the house yard and  immediately ascended to a constricted, curvy road while at the same time a motorcycle...

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