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Baturaden and Telaga Sunyi of Purwokerto

Hi Travelers! I couple of months ago I wrote about Traveling in Java by Train. I also suggested a convenient route  Jakarta-Purwokerto-Jogjakarta-Solo on the train track. I wrote a little bit  about the destinations...


Riding the Indonesia’s Priority Coach Train

The Indonesia’s Train Company  (PT KAI) currently serves five types of coaches.   They are economy, business, executive, priority and luxury coaches.  The Company launched the priority coach on August 2017.  On June 2018 it...


Traveling in Java by Train

Jakarta-Purwokerto-Jogjakarta-Solo Hi train travelers!  Do you want to explore Central Java by train? For first time travelers to Java,  I’d like recommend the itinerary : Jakarta-Purwokerto-Jogjakarta-Solo. Why do I recommend this itinerary? First, it is...


Semarang’s kaleidoscope of flavours

The story about Semarang’s highlight printed in The  Hindu on November 29, 2017

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