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Perfect Strangers Series: Shiraz, Iran

Maryam: Shiraz, Iran (Part 3-Ends) It was my last day in Shiraz. My plan to see zurkhaneh, a traditional Persian gymnasium, on  that day could not be fulfilled  as it was not open.  So ...


Perfect Strangers Series: Tehran-Mashhad, Iran

Train Companions: Tehran–Mashhad, Iran   It was my own decision to travel semi-independently in Iran when I first visited the country in 2014. Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Esfahan,  Kashan, Tabriz and Mashhad were the cities...


Perfect Strangers Series: Khorramabad, Iran

Ali: Khorramabad, Iran (Part 1) I was riding on a touristy horse cart with Shirin, a girl that I knew from my Iranian facebook friend, Matt Sheikhi . The horseshoes sounded  distinct as we were...


Perfect Strangers Series: Tehran, Iran

Adel and Yanti: Tehran,Iran When I first visited Iran in 2014 a travel agency in Tehran took care of my trips,  ranging from my visa, transportation to hotels. Three years later, as I wanted...

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