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Perfect Strangers Series: Mashhad, Iran

Behnaz: Mashhad, Iran    “Iji, I will bring my family tomorrow, is it okay?”  Behnaz, my company, asked me as I was dropped off at my hotel. “Of course, no problem, Behnaz” I replied...


Perfect Strangers Series: Tehran-Mashhad, Iran

Train Companions: Tehran–Mashhad, Iran   It was my own decision to travel semi-independently in Iran when I first visited the country in 2014. Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Esfahan,  Kashan, Tabriz and Mashhad were the cities...


Perfect Strangers Series: Khorramabad, Iran

Ali: Khorramabad, Iran (Part 1) I was riding on a touristy horse cart with Shirin, a girl that I knew from my Iranian facebook friend, Matt Sheikhi . The horseshoes sounded  distinct as we were...


Perfect Strangers Series: Tehran, Iran

Adel and Yanti: Tehran,Iran When I first visited Iran in 2014 a travel agency in Tehran took care of my trips,  ranging from my visa, transportation to hotels. Three years later, as I wanted...


Perfect Strangers Series: Shiraz, Iran

Have you met perfect strangers on your trip? Strangers that you do not know before but later they become your close companions on your trip? Here is my story about the perfect strangers that...



Five Preparations to Visit Iran Iran is like a gem in Middle East countries. It is a land of many beautiful historical monuments, wonders of nature and lovely people. Since a couple of years ago...

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