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Perfect Strangers Series: Copenhagen, Denmark

 Pernille: Copenhagen, Denmark (Part-2) After Germany, Denmark is the second foreign country that I first visited. Although both countries are situated in the European continent, their culture is not absolutely similar. I just realized...


Perfect Strangers Series: Aschheim, Germany

Yulis: Aschheim, Germany After attending the International Journalisten Program alumni conference in Heidelberg in 2009, I decided to spend the rest of my valid Germany’s visa days in the families of mixed Indonesian-German couples. ...


Perfect Strangers Series: Mainz, Germany

Djoko: Mainz, Germany The International Journalisten Programme (IJP), a consortium that is based in Berlin, was going to hold a conference for their alumni  in Heidelberg, Baden Wuerttemberg in 2009.  The alumni were invited...


Tersesat di Munich, Jerman

Lima belas tahun lalu, para pelancong selalu mengandalkan peta ketika bepergian. Saat itu belum ada smartphone. Jadi, peta adalah kompas para pelancong. Ke mana-mana pelancong harus membawa buku kecil dan bolpen untuk mencatat alamat,...

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